Study tour to the Sewage Treatment Plant from Someșeni, 29th of April 2015
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Study tour to the Sewage Treatment Plant from Someșeni, 29th of April 2015
Study tour to the Sewage Treatment Plant from Someșeni, 29th of April 2015
Study tour to the Sewage Treatment Plant from Someșeni, 29th of April 2015
13 May 2015

On the 29th of April 2015, student of Environmental Studies participated to a study tour to the municipal Sewage Treatment Plant located in Someșeni. 

On this occassion the students observed several wastewater and microbiological analyses in the laboratories of the Plant, after which they followed the technological path of the sewage water treatment through pretreatment, the microbiological removal of the organic matter, as well as the secondary treatment of the sewage sludge and the use of the produced methane. After o series of modernization works the Sewage Treatment Plant from Someșeni is now the second largest in Romania and serves for the treament of the municipal sewage water not only of Cluj but of the sorrounding smaller localities as well.



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