The Study Centre in Sfântu Gheorghe
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The Study Centre in Sfântu Gheorghe

In 2015, following a two-year development process, the University established a new study centre in Sfântu Gheorghe, which operates as an extension of the Faculty of Technical and Human Sciences in Târgu Mureș. The building, provided by the local municipality, has been modernised and equipped with 17 laboratories, 3 lecture and seminar rooms, and a rich library. It is currently the only place in Romania where agricultural and forestry courses are taught in Hungarian, and new courses will soon be added to the educational offer.

On March 26, 2021, the University Senate established the Council of the Study Centre in Sfântu Gheorghe, through which representatives of the three faculties of the University and the teaching staff of the courses already operating at this location coordinate educational and property development activities. This was an essential step toward establishing the faculty in Sfântu Gheorghe as an independent educational and study unit. The construction of a new campus has also been started, which in addition to various teaching facilities will include a swimming pool and a sports hall.




The dormitory in Sfântu Gheorghe has 21 rooms and can accommodate 84 students. Each room has its own bathroom, and each floor has a kitchen and dining room. There is a spacious study room in the attic and a laundry room in the basement.


Sapientia EMTE

The Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania is the independent university of the Hungarian community in Romania, which aims at providing education to the members of our community and performing scientific research on a high professional level. 


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