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About the foundation

The Government of Hungary funds the Transylvanian Hungarian network of private universities (the Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania and the Partium Christian University) through the Sapientia Foundation, established by the historic Hungarian churches of Transylvania. Today, as a direct result of the supervision of the historic churches, the Foundation is one of the minority organizations with the widest possible social legitimacy.

The Sapientia Foundation was created by the Roman Catholic, Reformed, Unitarian, and Evangelical-Lutheran churches in Transylvania in March 2000. The Board of the Foundation is appointed by the founding churches; their task is to define and carry into effect the objectives of the Foundation aiming to support Hungarian-language higher education in Romania. The Board is composed of twelve members, including leaders of Hungarian companies and the representative of the Hungarian Government in addition to the experts representing the churches.

The objectives of the Foundation, as set forth in its Statutes are the support and the development of culture, education, and science by the establishment and financing of a privately owned higher education institution, with Hungarian tuition language.

The Board of the Foundation has the right to decide, among other things, on the development strategy of the University, its budget, and financial policies, as well as the adoption and amendment of its Charter.

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The Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania is the independent university of the Hungarian community in Romania, which aims at providing education to the members of our community and performing scientific research on a high professional level. 


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